5 reasons why you should choose SaaS

software as a service

There’s an old saying that reminds us that we are our choices. In business terms, that means the choices and investments one makes determine their long term business development. Well, that’s obvious, right? But sometimes stating the obvious can help you make the right decision, especially when faced with the tough decision of choosing between SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and on premises software.

As opposed to SaaS, which is a platform/tool you subscribe to, on premise software is a type of software delivery model that is installed in-house. With this two main differences settled out, here are the 5 key reasons you should choose SaaS.

1. Cost efficiency

For on-premise software you have to invest in technology, personnel and infrastructure. You also have to consider updates and upgrades costs which will continue to add up. With Saas things are significantly more straightforward: entry costs are minimal and upgrades usually for free.

2. Easy implementation

It is difficult to compete with a system which can have your operation up and running in a matter of hours. SaaS offers you a platform that is already installed, tested and configured. There’s no need for additional personnel, time or equipment like traditional on-premise models do.

3. Effortless scalability

SaaS works perfectly for small and large businesses. That means that if your business grows, you don’t have to change the software, neither if you scale down your business to focus on a narrower segment. Traditional models, on the other hand, are costly, and impossible to scale down because all the cost was taken at the implementation phase.

4. Minimum costs for updates and upgrades

Unlike traditional environments which usually require investments in upgrade packages, SaaS solutions are updated continuously by the provider with your minimal investment. With SaaS you don’t have to plan and pause for updates and upgrades, saving you a great deal of time too.

5. User friendly

One of the best SaaS characteristic is the “try before you buy” option where you get to test the software and its match to your business needs. It’s also a chance to test your abilities of using the software. So, rather than investing heavily in hardware systems and specialized staff, you can simply give SaaS a free-of-charge try.


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