We are making procurement faster and easier.

We are on a mission to make tedious, time-consuming jobs not only easier but dramatically more efficient.
Prokuria takes the load off of the procurement teams and removes the time sinks in usual sourcing operations, so you can focus on more important stuff.

What we've ACHIEVED

We’ve built a platform to automate sourcing process in an organization.  It’s designed for the companies who need better control over the procurement process and achieve major time and cost savings.
Unlike traditional never-ending emails and frustrating excels or on the other hand very complex and expensive platforms, Prokuria is fast to start, easy to use and cost-effective.

What is IMPORTANT for us

Everything we do is user-centric. Maximum efficiency from our part, minimum time investment from you.

We’re convinced that the simplest products have the biggest impact. Prokuria is continuously refined with this idea is mind.

We want to transform the procurement process in a company following an intuitive and natural step-by-step process.

Our team and office:

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