For suppliers

As easy as can be!

All the RFP information is centralized and easy to access, so the suppliers can conveniently respond.

Mind that suppliers need to receive an email invitation from the buyer in order to access the online page where they can submit their response.

Suppliers receive an invitation email

With Prokuria, once a buyer has published a RFP or a reverse auction, all the invited suppliers will receive instantaneously a   personalized invitation email with the private link to access the online page where they can submit their response.

No user registration is required for suppliers, no passwords, no extra-effort.

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One-page response for suppliers

Four parts that will structure the response:

  1. General information about the RFP – description, currency, end time and for auctions start time, minimum step or cool-down period.

  2. Attached documents: pictures, diagrams, Excels files or other kind of additional information from the buyer.

  3. List of items – goods or services for which the suppliers need to offer a price quote.

  4. Questionnaire for additional information requested by the buyer. The answers can be free-text, single choice or multiple-choice and if the buyer allows it you can attach files to the answer.

Suppliers submit or retract the response

In any request or auction the suppliers need to submit their response before the end time.

At any time a supplier can change its mind and retract the response, case in which the buyer will be notified that the offer is no longer available. A retracted response can be reactivated as long the request is not over.

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