Return on Investment is the simplest metric to quantify the value you get from an investment.

What you get using Prokuria:

Cost saving and lower prices

A routine purchase shouldn’t generate a lot of paperwork and require much back-and-forth over email. But that’s often the case at organizations today.

Even more complex procurement processes should aim to reduce paperwork to a minimum.

Prokuria keeps all the information online, centralized and organized. Everything is well in reach, just like working on a tidy, organized desk.

Time saving & hassle free

Keep track of every step easily and accurately.

You want to see who initiated a procurement? Who approved it, what was the participation and who awarded it? It’s all there, just one click away!

No backtracking or wasting time looking for a specific document buried somewhere. Prokuria opens the entire procurement chain to you, link by link.

Increase productivity

Keeping in touch with suppliers is vital for any efficient procurement process.

Prokuria gives you access to powerful communication platforms to help you stay connected to your suppliers on- and offline.

Control & audit

Don’t let any factors, other than the very specific criteria you choose, influence who your suppliers are!

Input your requirements and  choose your suppliers easily. Prokuria helps you  do the right deals.

Fast implementation

Time is not only money, but it is also efficiency and future growth.

Time is prioritizing what will help your company develop and weeding out redundancy.

Prokuria doesn’t just shave minutes off the procurement process, it helps you save days!

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