Is Your Procurement Department Overwhelmed?

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When excels keep piling up, when the unanswered emails make you scroll for minutes and your employees turn pale like they’re in The Addams Family, you know you’ve reached a tipping point: your procurement department is overwhelmed and you’re no longer in control.

To leave that behind, take a breath, clear your mind and read the five simple things you can do to instantly clear up the clutter.

1. Simplify the procurement processes

When the simplest processes, like centralizing RFP responses, comparing suppliers and month-end reports take hours or even days to complete, you need to make up an automate routine.

2. Change the work set-up

Centralize the information in one place: it’s crucial that you and all the members of your team reach the same info at the same time. Today we are always on the move. So, no matter where you are – at the office, at home or traveling – make sure you are connected.

3. Focus on what matters most

Once you manage to eliminate all the noise you can focus on what is important: your best and worst suppliers, your best and worst offers. This way you can achieve what you’ve always been dreaming off: cost optimization.

4. Risk control

Now that you’re cleaning don’t overlook a very important matter: fraud control. When people can change data entries without leaving traces your business is at risk. This is why centralizing and using an online platform adds data security to your business.

5. Keep it lean

No need to implement expensive soft or complicated procedures. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones. Search for a platform that helps you manage your procurements with a minimum cost investment. Remember, work smart, not hard.

And now, take all these five things and make it in to one: Prokuria.

Prokuria is an online platform that keeps all your data in one place, helping you centralize, compare RFPs and easily implement Reverse Auctions. You are always connected and all the info is there when you need it, just like opening a well-organized drawer. What are you waiting for? Try it out now! 


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