New Feature: Attaching Documents to a Request

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At Prokuria we know that the most important part of a Request is describing what the Request is for. This is why we’ve asked ourselves: what can we do to make a Request as understandable as possible? And the answer came right away: the attaching documents feature.


Why use the attaching documents feature?

Because not all Requests are for straight-forward products or services and some requests need more information about the product, project or even your company. The clearer a Request is, the better the chances bids match your needs.

When should you use the attaching documents feature?

  • When you need to add a description of your company;
  • When you have a larger or a more complex project and a brief description is not enough;
  • When the items you buy have a long description of their technical specifications or detailed performance standards;
  • When you need to add blue prints, diagrams, sketches, drawings;
  • When you need to show some pictures to your suppliers;
  • When you need to specify the deliverables, the contractual terms and conditions or the payments, incentives and penalties you are considering;
  • When you need to show drafts of the contracts;
  • When you need to describe the proposal evaluation criteria.

What can you attach?

  • Pictures: jpg, jpeg, gif;
  • Documents: Word (doc and docx), Excels (xls and xlsx), PowerPoints (ppt and pptx), pdf files;

To protect you from any danger of malware, we actively maintain an extensive white list of file extensions allowed.  If you want to attach something and it’s not working, you can let us know and if it’s not ‘dangerous’ we will add it to the white list.

The maximum file size is 15MB. It’s definitely more than you can attach to a common email. By using Prokuria to create a Request and attach documents, you save mail and server space too. You also keep all your info and documents in one place so your suppliers don’t have to scroll the inbox to find the complete details.

It’s time you try out Prokuria! Create a Request and deliver all the info to your suppliers with the attaching documents feature.


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