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Prokuria Receives Great User Experience Award

Prokuria Named The 2017 Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards of FinancesOnline Procurement Software Category

We are happy to share some amazing news with our users: The effectiveness and versatile nature of our procurement automation platform have recently been recognized by one of the world’s best-known B2B software directories! The platform’s experts aim to introduce only top-performing systems in a variety of categories and to distinguish the best among them with reputed awards and quality seals. To our pleasure, Prokuria scored excellently in the procurement software category and is now the proud holder of a Great User Experience Award and a 2017 Rising Star Award.

The leading criteria for winning any of these awards is to promote a product user will find very easy to learn or understand. Described as intuitive and user-friendly, Prokuria certainly turns procurement into a more enjoyable experience but doesn’t sacrifice any of the professional features enterprises would like to trigger for them to spend management operations.

As we were told, experts were fascinated by Prokuria’s flexibility that allows users to react immediately, both when working on RFQ or Reverse Auctions. Also, using Prokuria, companies have a platform that gives them better control over the procurement process and makes huge cost savings. In contrast to the overwhelming flows of emails and cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, Prokuria is very straightforward and simple, enabling to launch RFPs, RFQs or Reverse Auctions.

What adds even more value to Prokuria, is the comprehensive dashboard that secures an overview of all the answers users receive from suppliers, and which helps them base their business decisions on facts. The platform comes with a comprehensive dashboard that provides users a real-time overview of all the answers/quotations. Just a quick glance and you have the data you need to make a smart decision!

You can read the full review here:


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