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Buyer vs supplier: Top Pain Points in RFPs

How easily write a well-structured RFP that will help you win the bid.

In any procurement process, there are two major pain points which affect buyers and suppliers equally: lack of clear communication and time requirements.

Here is how buyers and suppliers feel the effects of these pain points:


Lack of clear communication


  • Vague instructions from internal stakeholders

  • Ambiguous responses from suppliers


  • Vague questions/requests from the buyer

  • Complicated format and structure

Find out how to build a successful (RFP) process that will save you time and money


Time Consuming


  • Creating the documentation for the RFP

  • Clarifying different questions with suppliers

  • Centralizing the responses from suppliers in a matrix

  • Chasing suppliers to reply


  • Building up the documentation for the RFP Response

  • Clarifying different information with Buyers

  • Fine-tuning the response, trying to be concise but not incomplete

  • Chasing the buyer to find out why they are not the selected supplier


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