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Introducing the Supplier Portal

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Every procurement department works with suppliers who want to update their information, view their purchase history, or track their payments. However, many organizations face a dilemma: should they divert their limited resources to start building a supplier portal or rely on manual processes to manage updates? The former option can be extremely hard to start with, put pressure on the budget, and take focus away from the core responsibilities of the procurement department, while the latter can result in a subpar experience for suppliers and limit scalability.

That's where Prokuria Supplier Portal comes in.

With Prokuria Supplier Portal, organizations can streamline their procurement processes while enhancing the supplier experience. This portal is part of an agile procurement system that allows businesses to efficiently manage their supplier relationships, from onboarding to payment. By implementing the Supplier Portal, organizations can provide suppliers with a user-friendly platform to view their purchase orders, update their information, and track their payments.

At our company, we understand the challenges that procurement departments face when it comes to managing supplier relationships. That's why we offer a flexible procurement solution that includes the Supplier Portal. Prokuria allows procurement teams to focus on their core responsibilities while providing suppliers with a seamless and efficient experience.


Give your suppliers more control

The Supplier Portal is a secure, Prokuria-hosted page that allows your suppliers to manage their documents and procurement details.

Suppliers can do multiple things. Some examples are:

  • Update their master data like legal names, contact person, bank details

  • Upload and update their certifications, catalogs, or other documents you require from them

  • View their purchase orders and track their status across the delivery and payment cycle

  • View their RFQ responses

  • Upload their invoices, contracts, logistic documents, etc.

  • View everything that is related to the relationship between the company and the supplier

  • Send messages to the procurement department and respond to inquiries

  • Access a library of procurement documents, such as terms and conditions and bidding rules

  • Suppliers can save time when they use supplier portals, by having everything in one place

  • Supplier portal software works to automate many tasks associated with supplier management so that buyers can focus on more important matters

The portal offers a convenient and secure way for suppliers to manage their selling and delivery process, reducing the need for manual processes and enhancing communication between both parties.

Prokuria's Supplier Portal is built with security in mind. It is designed to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your procurement data while providing suppliers with a seamless and reliable experience.


Get started fast

The Supplier Portal is easy to set up and deploy, allowing you to quickly streamline your procurement processes. With our user-friendly interface, we were able to configure and deploy the Supplier Portal in a couple of days.

Many businesses prefer to integrate a portal into their procurement system to enhance the supplier experience. For example, one of our customers used the Supplier Portal to allow their suppliers to easily update their certifications and different types of regulatory required forms and track the status of each one of them.

Our procurement solution is designed to provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed, without distracting from their core competencies.


Customize to match your brand

With Prokuria, you can brand it as your own software up to the smallest details.

Here is a list of the parts you can change in Prokuria:

  • Replace the Prokuria logo with your own

  • All the emails the platform is sending can be sent from your email server/address (for example something like

  • Use your Web Address (for example something like

  • Change the emails the platform is sending. Change the header, footer, alias, subject, or even the body of the email

  • Replace Prokuria Terms & Conditions with yours

  • Change the User Interface: Logo, Labels, Buttons, Text

  • Adding other languages for your suppliers. If there is any language that we are missing, it can be added for your suppliers

The Benefits of White Label Software
  • Strengthening supplier loyalty – If the customer stops buying other services, they will often continue using the software.

  • Building brand credibility – Expanded platforms make the buyer more comprehensive in the eyes of their suppliers

  • Better alignment with your internal workflow and with the language your team/industry is already using

  • Offer a cohesive experience across different channels


We update and iterate so you don’t have to

Integrating the Prokuria Supplier Portal unlocks a roadmap of new features without the need for additional engineering work. At Prokuria, we are continuously improving our procurement solution, and the Supplier Portal is no exception.

We understand that every business has unique procurement needs, and we are committed to providing a solution that can adapt to those needs. That's why the Supplier Portal is fully customizable, allowing businesses to tailor it to their specific requirements. Whether it's custom workflows, approval processes, or custom fields, the Supplier Portal can be configured to meet the unique needs of any business.

With Prokuria's commitment to continuous improvement and customization, businesses can be sure they have a procurement solution that can adapt to their evolving needs.


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