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PO Software: 4 Customization Features Explained


PO Customization

Customization in a purchase order lets you maintain the system data as per your business requirement.

A Purchase Order can be created with or without using the customization feature. But the PO which is created without customizing has some limitations like it cannot open transactions directly, cannot maintain Material Grouping, etc.

The importance of customization in a purchase order can be understood from the following advantages :

  1. You can maintain the price breakdown of an item so that it would be easier to get the exact price for adjusting any variance or discrepancy.

  2. You can open transactions directly from the purchase order whereas you have to open it from the master record in case of non-customizing PO.

  3. You will get fast access to all important information about the material, customers, vendors, items, etc., with a single click for easy purchase order management.

  4. Less data entry will be required as you maintain the system parameters /setup through customizing.

Let's have a look at the 4 customization features used in PO software:

1. Purchase Order Templates

PO template is a feature that is used to help create and manage purchase orders. It allows for the creation of a template that can be saved and reused for future orders. It can save time and make the process of creating purchase orders easier. PO templates can be customized to fit the needs of your organization. PO templates can also be used to create orders for multiple items at once. This feature can be helpful when ordering supplies or products in bulk.

It is important to note that PO templates are not item master records. They can be used as a guide for creating purchase orders, but they don't have all of the information about product costs and other details. This helps you control how much cost data is input into the system. You might want to create separate PO template records for items with different cost structures.

The benefits of using PO templates include:

1. Saving time when creating purchase orders;

2. Creating orders for multiple items at once;

3. Customizing templates to fit the needs of your organization;

4. Reducing data entry errors;

5. Controlling how much cost data is input into the system.

The use of PO templates can help improve the efficiency of your purchase order process. They are an easy way to create and customize orders, which can save time and minimize data entry errors. If you are looking for a way to improve your purchase order process, consider using PO templates.

2. Customizable Purchase Order

Customizable PO is a feature of PO software, which enables users to create custom templates for the template editor. This makes it possible to design and implement custom PO formats, which can be tailored to specific needs. This can save time and effort, as well as improve the quality of purchase orders.

There are several advantages to using customizable PO. Firstly, it enables the user to create a format that is specific to their needs. Secondly, it makes it possible to centralize and standardize PO formats. This measure ensures that all POs can be processed in the same way, which reduces errors and eases stock management.

Finally, it makes the purchase order more effective by allowing for a constant streamlining of processes, such as immediate electronic delivery notifications to recipients about incoming POs via email or SMS messaging.

All in all, customizable PO is a very useful feature that can save time and improve the quality of purchase orders. It is worth considering if you are looking for a better way to manage your PO process.

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3. Custom Approval Fow

Custom Approval Flow feature in PO software helps manage the approval process for purchase orders. It allows you to create a custom flow for approvals, based on the needs of your organization.

This feature can be used to route purchase orders to approvers based on department, cost center, vendor, or any other criteria. It also enables you to specify the order in which approvers should be contacted. This can help speed up the approval process, and ensure that purchase orders are approved on time.

The ability to fully customize the approval process to meet the specific needs of your organization can bring several benefits:

1. Faster approvals: The ability to route purchase orders to approvers based on department, cost center, vendor, or any other criteria can help speed up the approval process.

2. Smooth approvals: By specifying the order in which approvers should be contacted, you can help ensure that purchase orders are approved on time.

3. Control over approvals: You can choose who gets involved in the approval process, and which steps they need to complete before a purchase order can be approved.

4. Easier financial management: The ability to automatically route purchase orders to the approvers who have the authority to sign them off, based on a variety of criteria, can help prevent costly mistakes and rework.

5. Fewer errors: This feature can streamline approvals for recurring purchase orders by enabling you to create rules for approvals that apply to similar products, services, and vendors.

4. Custom Workflows

A custom workflow is a system of interconnected programs and tools that can be set up in different ways for any given PO.

Custom Workflows feature in PO software helps to define business rules that are related to the process of purchasing. This is very useful to streamline the purchase process and optimize it according to the specific needs of a company.

The Custom Workflows feature helps in making the whole process smoother for buyers, vendors, and internal employees. Some benefits are listed below:

1. Ability to automate repetitive tasks;

2. Improved communication between different departments;

4. Faster response time to buyers' questions or requests;

5. Increased accuracy of financial reports.

Overall, the Custom Workflows feature provides an efficient and streamlined way to manage the purchasing process. It can help save time and money, while also improving the purchasing process.

Why Prokuria is the best PO software for your business?

It is important to use or at least try out, one of those customization features for better quality and faster results with your PO software.

Prokuria is a purchase order management system that allows companies to automate and streamline the process of organizing purchase orders. Companies may devote more time to their primary tasks and less to purchasing administration.

Prokuria's software is a good fit for your needs. It is a wonderful alternative for a variety of reasons, but the most important one is that it has several features that are handy. It's also cost-effective and easy to use, with excellent communication capabilities.

If you're looking for a PO software that will make your work easier, faster, and more effective, Prokuria is the best choice for you.

Try it free now by creating an account here. There is no credit card required to sign up! If you have questions, you can contact us today and see how easy it is to start using our PO software!


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