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PO Software: 6 Communication Features Explained

streamline communication with suppliers with PO software features

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A purchase order (PO) is a document that follows an internal purchase requisition (PR), and it serves as the organization's first official offer to a supplier.

Purchasing orders help to simplify the buying process. They are generally the first stage of a purchase's payment procedure in a procurement system.

PO communication

In a world of chaos and confusion, information and communication are kings. Every day organizations rely on the transmission of this essential commodity to achieve success - but with so many methods available today from verbal face-to-face conversations through email messaging to text messages or social media networks like Facebook and Twitter it's no wonder that electronic data transmissions happen every second!

The way we communicate with one another has changed dramatically in the past two decades. Technology, such as cloud computing and online ordering systems via the Internet has revolutionized how businesses operate today's most important tasks - especially those dealing with critical data that needs to be shared across multiple networks. This is leading more organizations to choose modernized purchasing communication methods including PO software systems which allow businesses to access their POs through their computers or mobile devices and streamline the communication with their suppliers.

PO software is important for the communication between supplier and customer. It is beneficial for both parties and of course, makes communication better. It also enhances the relationship between the two companies who are doing business together. Supplier communication is important to give information about PO details whereas customer communication is on behalf of order status or any updates on that order.

The best PO software communication features allow you to:

  • Create accurate purchase orders that reflect customer requests

  • Reduce the need for redundant or incorrect purchase orders

  • Improve communication between buyers and suppliers, leading to increased satisfaction throughout the supply chain.

The following blog post will help you understand the need for PO software communication features, which are the most important ones, and also how to use them.

PO software communication features

The most important communication features within a PO software are:

  1. Automated Notification

  2. Custom Alerts

  3. Real-time Spend Tracking and Alerts

  4. Messaging with suppliers

  5. Messaging with other colleagues

  6. Sent Interactive PO

1. Automated Notification

In PO software, automated notifications are the process of sending notifications to suppliers and buyers electronically. These notifications can be in the form of an email, fax, auto-responder, text message, or some other type of communication when various events occur with the PO. An automated notification is a message that is triggered by an event.

Automated notification helps to improve communication between suppliers and buyers by providing them with timely information about their orders. This allows them to see the movement of their orders through the supply chain. It also reduces mistakes by ensuring that information is sent to the correct recipient and that conditions are met before doing so.

Early notification of shipping or product availability provides downstream businesses with ample time for preparedness purposes.

Besides improved communication, automated notifications also create an audit trail of events. This can be helpful when investigating problems or trying to recreate a process.

Finally, the use of automated notifications can help to speed up the procurement process. When buyers and suppliers are able to communicate well with each other, it can lead to a more streamlined process for everyone involved.

2. Custom Alerts

Users want to get notified when something they're interested in happens, usually via push notifications sent by servers. However, sometimes you don't need or want your users' constant attention- that's where custom alerts come into play! Custom alerts provide the option of sending messages only for specific groups - like country/language-based filters - and can make sure no one feels left out if an event occurs without being anticipated beforehand.

In PO software, custom alerts can be created to notify specific individuals or groups of people about events that have occurred or are about to occur. This can be done by setting up rules and filters to watch for specific conditions and then sending notifications based on those conditions. Custom alerts can be very useful for keeping track of important events or tasks that need to be done.

Custom alerts can also be used to keep track of various metrics that are collected by the software itself. For example, if a certain type of PO was created more or less frequently than normal, it would trigger an alert that could inform appropriate individuals within the organization about the potential problem.

Creating custom alerts can be a very powerful tool for organizations that rely on PO software for their day-to-day operations. By setting up the correct filters and rules, it is possible to get real-time notifications about important events or changes that need to be addressed. This can help to improve the efficiency and accuracy of an organization's operations.

3. Real-time Spend Tracking and Alerts

In PO software, real-time spend tracking and alerts is a feature that enables users to track and monitor spending in real-time. This allows businesses to stay on top of their spending and make sure they are not overspending on any particular items. Additionally, it can send alerts to users when certain spending thresholds have been reached so they can take action to bring spending back under control.

Real-time spend tracking and alerts are a powerful way for businesses to stay within budget and ensure optimal allocation of funds. By using PO software with this feature, you can make sure your spending is always under control. This feature can be especially helpful for businesses who want to keep track of their expenses while on the go. With Real-time Spend Tracking and Alerts, users can receive alerts via email, text message, or push notification, so they can take action immediately.

The benefits of this feature include the ability to track spending in real-time from anywhere whenever there is an internet connection; the ability to receive alerts immediately when no more spending is allowed; and the ability to take action on overspending right away.

4. Messaging with suppliers

The Messaging with suppliers feature in PO software is a function that allows buyers and suppliers to communicate with each other directly through the software.

The Messaging with suppliers feature can be used by buyers and suppliers for a variety of purposes. For instance, it allows them to send messages on order updates, product queries, price negotiation concerns, etc., between each other using the PO software as a medium. They can also send and receive documents containing orders, shipment details, invoices, etc. among themselves using the software. It helps to minimize errors in the process of transferring documents across the supply chain. This is because more attention is paid to the documents at every stage of the supply chain.

The Messaging with suppliers feature also allows buyers and suppliers to communicate and collaborate in real-time through the use of instant messaging tools that are integrated into the software. This makes communication fast and efficient between buyers and suppliers who can discuss issues and quickly come to resolutions on them without waiting for an extended period of time. It also reduces delays that result due to miscommunication or lack of communication between buyers and suppliers.

5. Messaging with other colleagues

Messaging with other colleagues' functionality in PO software is a function that allows users to communicate with other users on the same purchase order. This can be helpful when trying to get approvals or determining who is responsible for what task. The messaging system will create a new conversation thread between all participants and keep track of the messages in that thread. This can be helpful when trying to follow the progression of the order.

This feature is a must for managing information between multiple employees working on the same case or task. It also makes communications through orders much more effective, time-efficient and productive.

Users can ask questions, provide updates, attach documents and get approvals right from within the system. This saves time, effort, and sometimes even the need to track down the other person via other communication methods. The messaging system is secure and all messages are archived for future reference.

The benefits of this feature are:

1. Improved communication and collaboration between coworkers;

2. Easier coordination of tasks;

3. Faster approvals and fewer mistakes;

4. All messages are archived for future reference.

6. Sent Interactive PO

An interactive PO is a feature that allows you to communicate with suppliers in real-time. You can ask them questions and they can answer, you can add documents (like invoices) to the chat and it will remain accessible in history. This helps streamline your daily work but also adds transparency to the whole process.

Buyers and suppliers can add more information and context to their PO, which can be very useful when there is a need for some clarification on something said in the past.

When you open an interactive PO, you'll see several tabs: one for the chat, one for the documents, one for the audit log, and some other specific tabs for the PO.

The chat tab will show all the messages that have been sent back and forth between you and the supplier. The documents tab will show any documents that have been added to the conversation, while the audit log will keep a record of everything that has happened in the PO.

This feature saves time and reduces work-related stress during the purchasing process. You can easily make changes at any time or assign messages to others who are responsible for following up on the purchase order.


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