• Robert

Selecting The Winning Supplier At Item Level - The Best Of Both Worlds

Ever thought about how great it would have been if the supplier you chose for your project would have had the best bid for all the required items? We did too… many times! It was unbearable. Someone had to do something… so we did!

Today, we are happy to introduce you to a new feature that lets you have the best of both worlds: Item Level Supplier Awarding!

“Sounds great! How can I do this?” you may ask. Well, actually, it’s very easy, and we’ll show you how:

1. Create an event as you’d usually do, simple, streamlined, and fast. Go to app.prokuria.com and log in or create a new account.

2. Fill in the fields, invite your suppliers, and let them come up with their best offers.

3. Once the event has ended, click on the Compare Bids button on the event page.

Voila! You are now able to select the winning supplier for each of your required items or services.

Let’s take a look at the example above. Instead of choosing Supplier 4 to deliver everything on your list for EUR 6,175.00, you can choose to purchase the chairs from Supplier 1 for EUR 3,500.00, and the desks from Supplier 4 for EUR 1,875.00. Thus, you only pay EUR 5,375.00.

Congratulations! You just obtained 15% in savings! Now, imagine how much money you will save if you have to buy a lot more (pricier) items.

Pro Tips

Let your suppliers know that you can choose a different winner for each item listed in the event. This way, you gain:

  • Increased competitivity within your supplier ecosystem;

  • Significant increases in savings;

  • Supplier diversity, as you offer a “slice of the pie” to vendors who wouldn’t otherwise have the capacity to competitively bid and win the event.

Everyone wins. Especially you. :)