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Procurement Events

1. Introducere

Prokuria offers a flexible series of procurement events that respond to the volatile needs and situations of the company's business environment.

Below, we briefly describe these event types:

  1. Request - Event in which the user describes their need, and each supplier comes with a personalized offer.

  2. Reverse Auction - Type of event in which suppliers start from a ceiling Starting Price from which they descend, offering progressively more competitive quotes.

  3. Item-Level Revere Auction - a variant of the standard reverse auction that emphasizes each item/service at the micro-level.

  4. Forward Auction - is an event where prices are quoted progressively higher. It is normally used when items and services are sold by the user.

  5. Dutch Auction - it starts from a maximum price that goes down with a certain amount at predetermined intervals of time. Similar to the forward one, it is generally used for sales.

  6. Dynamic Allocation Auction (DAA) - a state of the art special type of auction where the required goods and services are split and allocated by the system to several suppliers based on dynamic scoring criteria such as price, inventory availability, delivery terms etc

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3. Projects & Events

According to the best practices and industry standards, the events are organized on projects. Prokuria offers 2 specialized interfaces for managing projects and constituent events.

Projects Dashboard
Events Dashboard (at project level)

An event can be in one of the following stages, hereinafter referred to as statuses:

4. Creating an event

Click on the "Add" button in the upper right corner and select the appropriate event type

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