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Reverse auction

Reverse Auctions
for big impact

Maximize savings and streamline supplier selection with Prrokuria's advanced tools for reverse auctions.

5-10% is the average saving delivered by a reverse auction with Prokuria

See how a reverse auction works in Prokuria in 30 minutes

Trusted globally by sourcing specialists


British Reverse Auction

Multiple Factor Auction (MFA) 



Supplier Engagement Monitor



Set-up for competition

Fast & Easy for Suppliers

British Reverse Auction

  • Effortless Reverse auctions with an intuitive platform

  • Ensure fair competition, lowest bids

  • Lowest bid - Reveal the lowest bid to your suppliers 

  • Ranking - Suppliers can see how they rank against

  • Auto Start at the planned date

  • List price - You can set a list price for each item

  • Item delivery date - compare item delivery dates

  • Bid Increase Limit

  • Cool-down period for last-minute changes

  • Real-time and post-event reports

  • Custom data input fields for additional info

Reverse auction
British Reverse Auction

Dutch Auction

  • Optimize upfront savings with first open bid

  • Decrease procurement lead-time, increase transparency

  • Efficient comparison of multiple supplier proposals

  • Easy setup of starting and maximum prices

  • Set minimum step and step time for suppliers

  • Lowest bid - Choose whether or not to reveal the lowest bid 

  • Enable ranking for suppliers' adjustments.

  • Auto Start for the planned date

  • List Price with bid restrictions

  • Compare item delivery dates during bidding

Dutch Auction
Dutch Auction

Dynamic Allocations

  • Real-time auction quantity allocation

  • Trigger-based dynamic allocation with response rules

  • Bidding Competition: Dynamic allocation for rivalry

Dynamic Allocations
Dynamic Allocations

Multiple Factor Auction (MFA)

  • Run auctions that take into account multiple parameters

  • Identify the best bid with a multi-attribute auction approach

  • Ensure fair, transparent bid evaluations

  • Optimize auctions for maximum value

  • Speed up procurement with efficient auctions

  • Seek tailored bids for specific needs

Multiple Factor Auction

Supplier Engagement Monitor

  • Real-time tracking of suppliers' performance

  • Proactive supplier issue identification

  • Get insight into supplier engagement activities 

  • Strengthen your relationships with suppliers 

  • Map global suppliers, create custom plans

  • Improve operational excellence with suppliers

Supplier Monitor
Supplier Engagement Monitor

Set-up For Competition

  • Multiple settings available: show or hide rank and best bid

  • Bid at item level or at the total price

  • Lowest bid - Reveal the lowest bid for the competition

  • Ranking for supplier comparisons and bid adjustments

  • Bid at item level 

  • Bid at a total price

Set-up for competition
Set-up For Competition

Message Center

  • Real-time messaging with integrated supplier tools

  • Enhance quotation processes - quicker supplier responses

  • Easy tracking of response status 

  • Quickly share documents for early supplier involvement

  • Unread messages indicator

  • Bulk Messaging: Reach multiple suppliers at once

  • Eliminate never-ending email chains

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere with internet

Message Center
Message Center

Audit Logs

  • Real-time visibility and access to information

  • Be always in control

  • Identify and correct errors in time

  • Comply with the legal requirements

  • Reduce risks, manage incidents

  • Be sure that the information is available when needed

  • Save time and costs on audits

  • Detect suspicious behavior, monitor data access

Audit Log in eAuction
Audit Logs

Easy For Suppliers

  • Save time with secured webpage for prompt replies

  • Identify suppliers' best practices, improve service quality

  • Streamline communication with the message center 

  • Fast, easy, and cost-effective supplier communication

  • Read, understand, and reply to messages easily

  • Smart notifications for efficient information access

  • No need for unnecessary account set-up and passwords 

  • No changes to suppliers' processes required

  • No training is needed for your suppliers to use the webpage

  • Improve supplier performance with centralized info

  • Suppliers can share various file types easily

Auction response page
Fast & Easy For Suppliers

 eAuctions are the most underestimated tools 
in procurement departments

"We were looking for an easy tool to start running auctions with suppliers when we discovered Prokuria. In the first month we delivered 5 to 10% savings on 2 main categories."

Thomas Smith
Procurement Manager, 
OKD Manufacturing 


Scale Sourcing & Deliver Savings

See how Prokuria makes running reverse auctions a breeze. As a result, you shorten the negotiations, streamline supplier selection, and maximize savings.

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