Prokuria Overview: Request in 5 Minutes

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We try to keep everything we do as simple and as efficient as possible. We’ve built Prokuria with this principle in mind and now we want to show you how simple it is to launch a RFP or a RFQ with Prokuria.

To make things easier, we have simplified the options RFP, RFQ, RFI to RequestNo matter what you need, request for proposal, quote or information, just choose Request.

How to set-up a Request in 5 easy steps:

1. Fill in General details about your Request: name, description, currency, end time.

2. Add suppliers – just add all the partners you want to invite to answer your Request.

3. Add documents – attach pictures, diagrams, tables or other additional information for your suppliers.

4. List the items to define the products or services you want information or price quotes for.

5. Ask questions for additional info. You can define free-text, single choice or multiple-choice questions and have partners attach files when answering.



And you’re done! You can SAVE DRAFT or PUBLISH the Request.

Publishing a Request

When you publish a Request, the suppliers receive an invitation email with access to a private page where they can see all the details of the request. In this page they can accept or decline to participate. If they accept they will be able to submit responses and reply to questionnaires.

Once you have published a Request, you see in real-time the supplier’s engagement:

RESPONSE SUBMITTED – supplier submitted his response

RESPONSE RETRACTED – supplier retracted his response

RESPONSE DRAFT – supplier accepted and is working on submitting the response

INVITATION NOT READ – supplier didn’t open the invitation

INVITATION READ – supplier open your invitation, but didn’t answer

INVITATION DECLINED – supplier declined your invitation to participate

REMOVED SUPPLIER – supplier which has been removed

2016-11-17_1457-copyChoose best supplier

The due time for the Request has ended and now you have to decide for the best offer. Just click COMPARE RESPONSES and you’ll see an instant overview and head to head comparison of the responses received and questionnaire answers. This way it’s easy to take the right decision when it comes to your acquisitions. From this point forward it is up to you to contact the supplier and agree the next steps.

Now that you’ve seen how easy procurement can be give it a try


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