The Duplicate Feature Has Arrived

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Let’s talk about a familiar situation: you’ve just finished a Request and sent it to your suppliers. You start reviewing the bids and realize that most of the offers fit your request. This means you’ve written a valuable Request and now you wish you had a magic wand to make all other Requests go as smoothly as this one.

We all know the feeling: everybody wants to turn success into a habit.

It takes time and dedication to write a successful Request: defining and detailing your needs, attaching the relevant documents, building a comprehensive questionnaire, selecting the relevant suppliers to invite.  In high-performing companies, there is often a repeatable list of tasks that need to be completed for each request to go live.

Using Prokuria you don’t have to write over and over again the same info, because Prokuria automates the procurement process.

With the new Duplicate feature you can take any request and duplicate it. This is useful for regularly planned requests, because you only need to define the items once and then use the duplicate option when you create a new Request.

When you click DUPLICATE all the info is copied to the new Request. Just change what you need and the Request is ready to go live. This way you can easily set up templates for Requests and Reverse Auctions. The amount of time you save is incredible. You also skip many boring steps and focus more on the result: comparing the bids, choosing the best supplier.

Don’t wait any longer: make a habit of using Prokuria, and see why procurement has never been easier.


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