Why We Need Fast and Easy Procurement

fast procurement

A few years ago, when owning corporate gifts business, I was dealing with a lot of procurement situations: looking up suppliers, writing requests, asking for info, doing back-up checks, stressing on the delivery – you know the drill.

As the business grew, I started realizing how much time I wasted writing emails and requesting bids, saving received offers, opening excels, comparing prices, creating folders to keep all that info. Choosing a supplier is hard, and having to deal with the chaos in emails and offers makes it even harder. When you climb a mountain, you start from the base. When you have to choose the best quality/price offer, you start with inviting suppliers. Once you set into motion the procurement process, a well-defined path is your ally in conquering the top.

There are four main types of processes for choosing a supplier: RFI, RFQ, RFP, RA. You write a Request for Information (RFI) to gather, as the name suggests, info to help decide what step to take next. A Request for Quotation (RFQ) is best suited for standardized products/services and is used for asking relevant parameters of the intended purchase together with the cost. You submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) to address a long-term partnership or a creative one. A Reverse Auction is used both for products and services when you want a real time assessment of your needs.

All these processes took me a lot of time and countless repetitive interactions with suppliers.

At Prokuria we are getting rid of this hassle with endless emails and excels. And here is why:

Routine is core

When a simple RFP or RFQ generates a lot of paperwork and much back-and-forth emailing you know you’re wasting time. Prokuria helps you centralize all the information online, where you can easily access it. The entire procurement process is at your display with one single look. Added to that, you can keep in touch with suppliers online and offline.

The COMPARE RESPONSES feature helps you choose the best offer. Let Prokuria automate the everyday procurement tasks, because time is your most valuable resource.

User-friendly approach

Back to my days in the corporate gifts business: there where times when Reverse Auction was the best approach to my goal price. But how was I supposed to do that? Over the phone? Without a platform, a solution to organize a real time reverse auction is on the phone. So, you have to agree with all suppliers a certain date, explain the rules, have each supplier called by someone from your team and have a line open for the entire period of the action. You haven’t even started and you are already worn out.

Later on, I found out that many companies weren’t choosing Reverse Auction because of all the fuss it implies.

How inefficient is that? There is also a belief on the market that only large companies, companies that can afford expensive software, can hold Reverse Auction. This is not true. RA is a valuable tactic that has to be available to everyone.

Prokuria is changing the game

Prokuria delivers fast and easy procurement. This online platform suits your business’ needs because it offers collaborative features and instant live feedback. With Prokuria you can implement all types of Requests and Reverse Auctions with a few clicks. I know from my experience how useful this toll would have been. Try it for yourself and share with us any feedback about Prokuria.


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