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Designing an Application

No-Code for Procurement

No-code software is at the forefront of a movement that allows nearly any business user to design and build applications to solve problems and increase productivity.

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Discover how Prokuria through its no-code solution makes it simple to design and build applications, so companies can quickly launch complex, scalable, automated workflows without writing a single line of code.

75% of Prokuria users deliver cost savings in their first month.

What is no-code software?

No-code platforms refer to programming technologies that enable non-technical users to create and manage applications using a visual user interface rather than writing or editing lines of code.


No-code software can simplify application development and allow business users to build and modify applications faster, at a lower price point, and with fewer bugs than traditional code-based approaches.

How does a no-code platform work?

Code” is a set of instructions that a programmer converts into a machine-readable language. A no-code platform is a visual abstraction between the programmer and the instructions that allows non-technical users to design and build an application.

For example, the process of building a purchase requisitionn form may involve the following steps:

1. Requester Name and email

2. Description of Request

3. Send for approval

When developers create a form, they translate each step into lines of machine-readable code.
A no-code development platform — like Prokuria — displays the front-end elements, back-end procedures, and third-party integrations in graphical form, which a user can arrange and manipulate using a visual user interface. The no-code platform carries out these graphical representations of instructions as if they are written in code.


So, creating a purchase request form in Prokuria looks like this:

Build the  PR form by defining te fields 

Setup behavior and validation of the fields

Automate with worklfows and smart rules

Benefits of no-code Procurement Platform

Rapid set-up & development

No-code enables quick design, testing, and feedback to accelerate internal

deployment and go-to-market processes.

On the spot adjustments & changes 

Configure advanced alerts that will notify you by email when price product or stock changes are made by your suppliers, allowing you to seize the opportunity and deliver cost savings.

Maximum flexibility

When the procurement team can solve problems on their own, they take a greater share of ownership, but also they are able to design the perfect solution, rather than adjust to fit a certain platform.


The procurement team can address everyday challenges and issues and have development initiatives,  while IT professionals can address the complex issues.

Happy users

The procurement team benefits from solutions, apps, and workflows designed by users who are most familiar with a problem or challenge.

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Prokuria: the best no-code procurement software

Prokuria is a modern, intuitive, no-code application that provides everything a procurement team needs to implement effective, cost-efficient business process management. Starting from a robust core application for Supplier management, Prokuria can easily be extended to cover the needs of the procurement department and empowers procurement specialists to automate routine processes using a no-code approach. 

Graphic Pattern
Easy-to-set automation rules based on triggers and actions
Graphic Pattern
Native and custom integrations;
API ready 
Graphic Pattern
Customization of each step’s actions and required information
Graphic Pattern
Simple and easy  form builder to collect intake data
Graphic Pattern
User-friendly interface, with intuitive and simple design
Graphic Pattern
Plug-and-play templates, that can used as starting point
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See how Prokuria no-code solutions enable modern procurement process

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