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Supplier Price Monitoring

Monitor price, promotions and stock of your suppliers in any country, currency or online shop

See how it works in 30 minutes

Trusted globally by sourcing specialists


Discover how competitive your suppliers are. By identifying where they are cheaper or more expensive, you are able to to deliver cost savings and negotiate better deals.

75% of Prokuria users deliver cost savings in their first month.

How supplier price monitoring works?

Add the pricing pages of your suppliers 


We setup the price monitoring tool


Enjoy the stream of data flowing and use it 

Data history

Thanks to our unlimited data history you will be able to see the development of prices and stock for your products, brands and categories, medium to long term in your supplier's catalog. By analyzing the price evolution over time you can discover which price strategy each of your supplier apply, what is the general trend and when opportunities appear.

Alerts and Notifications

Configure advanced alerts that will notify you by email when price product or stock changes are made by your suppliers, allowing you to seize the opportunity and deliver cost savings.


Design your own reports by defining which fields you wish to export and with what frequency, the report manager puts at your disposal all the reports you need.

Data export and API

You can export information from our pricing monitoring tool in CSV or XLSX format with just one click.

For more advanced integrations we have a simple API that can easily connect your systems (ERP, DB) to Prokuria. 

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