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For Stakeholders

Easily understand and participate in the sourcing process

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Why Prokuria?

Modern strategic sourcing and supplier management should not be a bottleneck for other departments

That’s why stakeholders from other departments depend on Prokuria.
Sourcing and supplier management is a facilitator for your spending needs, rather than an obstacle to your work.  Fast collaboration through a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you,  and suppliers of choice to stay in the loop and understand where you are in every step of your project. No more getting bogged down in manual tasks, traditional spreadsheets, email chains, or legacy solutions.


Lack of visibility into the complete sourcing process, no clear time estimations, and project status.

Lack of visibility into the complete sourcing process, no clear time estimations, and project status.

Run few sourcing events, inefficiently, with a small number of suppliers.


Be a part of every aspect of the sourcing event, from initial project draft to RFP, competitive bidding, and post-event analytics.

Collaborate and easily improve supplier relations, track historical progress, and build more strategic relationships with the business and supply chain.

Seamlessly run events, from complex RFPs to simple benchmarking RFQ. Invite a large number of suppliers and keep everything on track with notifications, alerts and automated workflows.


Real-time view of the project, at every stage in every aspect. Deliver faster results, instead of waiting for roadblocks to clear.

90% of Prokuria users see improved communication with other departments

Stronger supplier relationships, data-driven decisions and better business outcomes from a real-time collaborative sourcing process. 

95% of Prokuria customers see 10x+ ROI within the first year.

Run more sourcing events, benchmark the market and analyze pricing trends, and increase spend under management.

84% of Prokuria users launch their first RFQ within a week.

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See how we can help your business

Prokuria was easy to implement and use by both our procurement team and our vendors. The software helps us to successfully bring our suppliers online for requests and reverse auctions.
We also truly appreciate the support we are getting from Prokuria's team, always agile and responsive to our needs.

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Mirela Moale

Indirect Procurement Manager

Thank you for your time and all efforts you put into this project to help me fit my need, I really appreciated working with you.

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Thibaud Leysens

HTM Supply Chain Manager EMEA
GE Healthcare 

The platform is really user-friendly, both for the buyers and suppliers. This is particularly important as buyers can use the platform without adding extra effort to the IT department.

We really appreciate the prompt customer support and feel that we can really count on the Prokuria Team for our needs. 


Edgardo J. Diaz Garcia

IS Administrator
PREPA Networks

We were looking for an easy tool to start organizing auctions with suppliers when we discovered Prokuria.

After auctions and seeing how fast is to implement we moved the entire sourcing flow in Prokuria. 


Thomas Smith

Procurement Manager
OKD Manufacturing 

We've got you covered!

We know each company is different. That's why in Prokuria you can set up your sourcing and supplier management process exactly the way you need it. No code, no IT consultants, no tech skills required! You will be up and running in no time, and at a fraction of cost vs. other solutions.

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