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Effortless Delivery Notes

Simplify and streamline your delivery records. Manage and track deliveries seamlessly for optimized business operations.

78% of Prokuria users reported a significant 65% reduction in time spent on delivery note management within the first 2 months.

Delivery Note
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Workflow Automation

  • Automate approval seamlessly

  • Manage tasks efficiently

  • Notify stakeholders promptly

  • Analyze data for workflow improvement

  • Customize templates for workflows

  • Optimize automation processes

Workflow Automation
Workflow Automation

Collaborative Approvals

  • Enable team-based decision-making

  • Streamline multi-stakeholder engagements

  • Enhance cross-functional collaboration

  • Foster real-time feedback loops

  • Improve collaboration efficiency

  • Facilitate transparent communication

Multiple Approvers
Collaborativ Approvals

Inventory Integration

  • Integrate inventory in real-time

  • Update stock levels automatically

  • Generate movement reports

  • Manage inventory efficiently

  • Minimize discrepancies

  • Enhance stock tracking

Invetory integration

Custom Templates

  • Create tailored templates

  • Maintain consistent format

  • Retrieve and reuse easily

  • Include company branding

  • Streamline documentation

  • Adapt templates as needed

Custom Templates
Custm Templates

Access Control

  • Define user access securely

  • Ensure data security

  • Control document permissions

  • Implement role-based access

  • Safeguard sensitive information

  • Customize access levels

User permissions
Access Contrl

Easy Documentation

  • Simplify navigation

  • Efficiently input and edit details

  • Quickly generate and modify documents

  • Enhance intuitive data entry

  • Improve document retrieval

  • Ensure user-friendly form design

Easy Documentation
Easy Documentation

Digitize purchase orders process with one easy-to-use platform

"We were using excel for creating and tracking POs... as you can imagine the entire process was inneficient and time consuming. Prokuria interactive POs and the simplicty of communicating with suppliers reduced hours of manual work and eliminated manual errors. "

Caterina Riotasky 
Agriand Services

Streamline Procurement Workflow

Explore Prokuria's array of services, covering Purchase Orders, Requests, Approval Flows, Delivery Notes, Goods Received Notes, and Invoice Repository. Experience seamless processes, faster approvals, and centralized documentation. Elevate your procurement efficiency.

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