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Automate Supplier Management

We empower procurement teams to deliver cost savings, efficient supplier management and alignment with stakeholders.

"5-10% cost saving, delivered instantly on my steel bars auction"

"perfect solution for going remote with my team"

"Finally, I know what risk  and score has every, every supplier"

The Command Center for

Sourcing & Supplier Management

Before Prokuria: You’re wondering if you get the best prices from your suppliers, if they are performing better than last year, and if you missed any contract term. People are stressed, work feels scattered, and it’s tough to see and manage everything.  After Prokuria: Everything is organized in one place, you deliver higher cost savings and faster than anticipated, you feel prepared for complex negotiations, and your team works together (even though they’re remote). You are on top of things.
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& RFQs 

Sourcing events without hassle.

Automated, fast and easy.

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 Auctions &

Dynamic Allocations  

All the tools you need to dramatically cut costs.

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Requisition &



Boost internal collaboration and alignment with stakeholders.

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 Supplier Management 

Segmentation, surveys, scorecards & development plans.

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 Supplier Onboarding 

Automate and collect all the data you need timely.

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 Contracts Repository 

Organized, structured so you never miss a deadline.

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We know each company is different. 

That's why in Prokuria you can set up your process exactly the way you need it.

No code, no IT consultants, no tech skills required! You will be up and running in no time, and at a fraction of cost vs. other solutions.

Prokuria was easy to implement and use by both our procurement team and our vendors. The software helps us to successfully bring our suppliers online for requests and reverse auctions.
We also truly appreciate the support we are getting from Prokuria's team, always agile and responsive to our needs.

Mirela Moale-Profi.jpeg

Mirela Moale

Indirect Procurement Manager

Thank you for your time and all efforts you put into this project to help me fit my need, I really appreciated working with you.

thibault _ge.jpeg

Thibaud Leysens

HTM Supply Chain Manager EMEA
GE Healthcare 

The platform is really user-friendly, both for the buyers and suppliers. This is particularly important as buyers can use the platform without adding extra effort to the IT department.

We really appreciate the prompt customer support and feel that we can really count on the Prokuria Team for our needs. 


Edgardo J. Diaz Garcia

IS Administrator
PREPA Networks

We were looking for an easy tool to start organizing auctions with suppliers when we discovered Prokuria.

After auctions and seeing how fast is to implement we moved the entire sourcing flow in Prokuria. 


Thomas Smith

Procurement Manager
OKD Manufacturing 

Why Prokuria?

E-mails + Excel
  • The first option at hand and without additional costs.
  • A time-consuming process, difficult to control and audit.
  • Exposure to operational and fraud risk. Issues with the audit process.
  • Impossible to launch complex RFPs or eAuctions.


  • Flexible. Build forms, flows, and tools that fit your process.
  • High usability. Ensure fast adoption from your team and suppliers as well.
  • Internal collaboration focused. Boost business speed and alignment with stakeholders.
  • Fast implementation & setup. Days vs. months compared with other solutions.
  • Budget-friendly. Pay as you go and scale with your needs.

Complex &

Over-complicated Platforms

  • Complex to set up and start with.
  • Very expensive and usually requiring external consulting, and a dedicated implementation team.
  • Optimal for large enterprises, digitizing the entire procurement cycle from sourcing to pay.

Smart & automated tools to manage your suppliers

Internal Collaboration

Streamline your work, align stakeholders and empower your team to work together. 

Real-Time Monitor

Step by step, monitor in real-time the engagement of your suppliers.

Powerful Questionnaires

Text, single or multiple-choice, conditioned question or file upload - so you can finally compare apples to apples.

Supplier Scorecard

Measure your suppliers performance, run periodic reviews and raise red flags.

Smart Alerts & Reminders
Build rules for sending and receiving email alerts and reminders.

Fast & Easy for Suppliers

A private webpage with all the information necessary for them to reply promptly. 

No account set-up required.

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