Prokuria is a cloud-based platform for automating sourcing and supplier management.
We help procurement teams around the world to deliver significant cost and time savings.

Hyper-personalized procurement solution,

set up crazy fast.

Your command center for sourcing, and supplier management


& RFQs 

Sourcing events without hassle.

Full visibility on supplier engagement and all information beautifully centralized.

 Auctions &

Dynamic Allocations  

From simple sealed bids, to advanced reverse or dutch auctions all the tools are here to dramatically cut costs.



Take control of your sourcing workflow: from requisitions, PRs, custom approvals, and internal collaboration

 Supplier Management 

Store all supplier information and manage contracts in one place. Smart notifications will help you never miss a deadline.

 Supplier Onboarding 

The place of the supplier in the relationship with you. Periodic reviews, POs disputes, Invoices, Queries all in one place.

 Contracts Repository 

Keep all your contracts online and with smart notifications never miss a deadline again.

We know each company is different. That's why in Prokuria you can set up your own process exactly the way you need it.
No code, no IT consultants, no tech skills required!
You will be up and running in no time, and at a fraction of cost vs. traditional solutions.


''Prokuria was easy to implement and use by both our procurement team and our vendors.
The software helps us to successfully bring our suppliers online for requests and reverse auctions.
We see it as a great tool to keep enhancing the performance of our suppliers. We also truly appreciate the support we are getting from Prokuria's team, always agile and responsive to our needs.''

Mirela Moale

Indirect Procurement Manager,


Everything you need to manage procurement

Custom Approval Flows

Optimize spend with tailor-made rules, thresholds amounts, alternative approvers. 

Real Time Overview

Step by step, response by response, monitor in real time your suppliers.

Powerful Questionnaires

Multiple types of questions - text, single or multiple choice - so you can finally compare apples to apples.

Budget Tracking

Setup your budget lines, track spending and receive alerts and notifications in time.

Insightful Analytics

Generate actionable, data-driven insights from your purchasing-related data.

Fast & Easy for Suppliers

A private webpage with all the information necessary for them to reply promptly. 

No account set-up required.


  • The first option at hand and without additional costs.

  • Time-consuming process, difficult to control and audit.

  • Exposure to operational and fraud risk.

  • Impossible to launch complex RFPs or eAuctions.

  • Highly flexible to build forms, flows, and tools that fit your own process.

  • High usability ensures fast adoption from your team and suppliers as well.

  • Focused on internal collaboration so you can boost the speed of business and alignment with stakeholders.

  • Fast implementation & setup. Days versus months compared with other solutions.

  • Budget-friendly. Pay as you go and scalable with your operations.

Complex & over-complicated platforms
  • Complex to set-up and start with.

  • Very expensive and usually requiring external consulting, and a dedicated implementation team.

  • Optimal for large enterprises, digitizing the entire procurement cycle from sourcing to pay.


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Răsuri, No 8, 2nd District, Bucharest, Romania​