All your RFPs, RFQs and
Reverse Auctions
in one place

Flexibility to customize your sourcing event to your needs.

One-page request

5 building blocks for your RFP or reverse auction:

  • General information about the RFP like name, description, currency, end time, minimum step or cool-down period for auctions
  • Suppliers invited to participate
  • Documents of the request for adding pictures, diagrams, Excel files or other additional information for your suppliers
  • List of items to define the goods and services you want to get price quotes for
  • Questionnaire for gathering information. You can define free-text, single choice or multiple-choice questions and have partners attach files when answering

With a clear structure you can eliminate any confusion, mistakes or delays from your suppliers.

Real time supplier tracking

Keep track of interested and interesting suppliers.
With Prokuria you can see every step of the suppliers from who opened or declined your invitation to who submitted the response and answered all the questions. What used to be a hassle to monitor is now available neatly displayed in one comprehensive dashboard.
For your suppliers it’s even faster. No registration, just an invitation email with a link to a private webpage. They have all the information centralized, easy to reach so they can immediately reply.

Compare response and choose best supplier

With instant overview and head to head comparison of the responses received and questionnaire answers, it’s easy to take the right decision.
Additionally you can review and analyze the event at any moment as Prokuria keeps a record of the entire process.

Want to see how a RFP or a reverse auction for office furniture looks like in Prokuria?

More features:

Fast and Easy

Simple and intuitive interface. No training needed
Minimal set-up
One page event
Dashboard with all your RFP/RFQ RA
Search requests by name, status or date
Duplicate request, so you can save time
Suppliers lists management

Reverse Auctions

Choose to show best bid checkbox
Cool down period
Minimum step
Real time monitoring of bidding process
Real time chat with suppliers
Remove unethical  supplier from auction

RFPs and RFQs

Predefine structure – easy to stay organized

Budget field, so you can track cost savings

Attach documents to your request

Powerful questionnaire

One click  send invitation to all invited suppliers

Dashboard for tracking suppliers engagement

Real time chat with suppliers

Dashboard for comparing offers received (quotes and questionnaire replies)

For Suppliers

No set-up required
All information centralized and easy to access
Clear structure for the response
Real-time chat with the buyer

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