Reverse Auctions
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Maximize savings and streamline supplier selection with Prrokuria's advanced tools for reverse auctions.

5-10% is the average saving delivered by a reverse auction with Prokuria

See how a reverse auction works in Prokuria in 30 minutes
Wireframe Auctions

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 eAuctions are the most underestimated tools 
in procurement departments

Easy to use tools to dramatically save cost​​

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British Reverse Auctions

Run Reverse auctions effortless with an intuitive & reliable platform for you and your suppliers

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Multiple Factor Auction (MFA) 

Run auctions that take into account multiple parameters, and not the price alone

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Message Center

Easy & real-time messaging with the suppliers during the events. Eliminate never-ending email chains

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Dutch Auctions

Optimizes up-front savings by taking the first open bid from suppliers 

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Supplier Engagement Monitor

Track in real time the engagement of your suppliers and their response status for the event

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Audit logs

Be always in control. Prokuria captures in the background all changes for all documents.

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Dynamic Allocations

Real-time allocation of the auctioned quantity based on algorithms you set up for maximum competitvness

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Set-up for competition

Multiple settings available: show or hide rank and best bid. Bid at item level or at the total price.

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Fast & Easy for Suppliers

A private secure webpage where they can reply promptly. No account set-up required

"We were looking for an easy tool to start running auctions with suppliers when we discovered Prokuria. In the first month we delivered 5 to 10% savings on 2 main categories."

Thomas Smith
Procurement Manager, 
OKD Manufacturing 


Scale Sourcing & Deliver Savings

See how Prokuria makes running reverse auctions a breeze. As a result, you shorten the negotiations, streamline supplier selection, and maximize savings.