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Contract repository

All your Contracts in one place

Keep all your contracts online and with smart notifications never miss a deadline again.

87% of Prokuria users digitize contract management with one easy-to-use platform

See how it works in 30 minutes

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Expiration & Renewal Tracking


Smart Cost

Effortless Hadleing

  • Easy import of the contacts with our user-friendly interface 

  • Handy search and filters like keywords, dates, or contract numbers

  • Save time searching for documents and get more done

  • Easy to check contract details before opening them for quick reference

  • View your most-used contracts as favorites for faster access 

  • Access your contracts on the go, wherever you are

Streamlined Approvals

  • Accelerate contract approval processes for quicker results

  • Save time and resources with automated approval workflows

  • Minimize bottlenecks and delays in contract execution

  • Ensure accountability with clearly defined approval paths

  • Easily monitor where contracts are in the approval pipeline

  • Enforce compliance by assigning contracts to the right stakeholders.

Alert-driven Compliance

  • Receive alerts for ongoing compliances

  • Follow industry regulations and company policies with ease

  • Keep records that streamline audits

  • Tackle compliance concerns promptly

  • Use compliance data to make smart choices

  • Commit to clear, honest rules for everyone's trust

Risk management

  • Minimize contract-related disagreements and conflicts

  • Ensure contract terms are regularly followed

  • Cut down on legal dispute-related expenses

  • Build trust with reliable risk management practices

  • Avoid potential losses tied to contract risks.

Expiration & Renewal Tracking

  • Never miss a contract expiration date 

  • Set and receive automated alerts for critical contract dates

  • Manage contract timelines with ease and confidence

  • Ensure team members meet contract obligations on time

  • Keep contracts organized and aligned with deadlines

Easy customization

  • Easy to customize contracts effortlessly 

  • Add custom fields and variables with a few clicks

  • No need for coding experience with our no-code technologi

Approval matrix
Email notification
Expiry notification
Form builder
Alert-driven Compliance
Risk managent

"With Prokuria we have 100% visibility on our contracts. We never missed a deadline and everything is organized in one place. "

Radion Bratslieau 
AMA Campus 

Optimize Supplier Management

Explore our suite of services designed to transform your supplier relationships. From seamless supplier onboarding and contract management to real-time price monitoring, compliance tracking, and performance evaluation, Prokuria optimizes efficiency and accuracy. Experience the power of centralized data, streamlined processes, and actionable insights. 

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