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All your Contracts in one place

Keep all your contracts online and with smart notifications never miss a deadline again.

90% of Prokuria users accelerate communication & collaboration with suppliers in the first 3 months 

Wireframe Contract Management
See how it works in 30 minutes

Trusted globally by sourcing specialists


Tracking & Alerting System

Ensures that none of your contracts or related documents expire without notice.

Configurable Approval Flows

Optimize spend with tailor-made rules, thresholds amounts, alternative approvers. 

Audit Logs

Be always prepared and in control. Prokuria captures in background all changes for all purchasing documents.

Digitize contract management with
one easy-to-use platform


"With Prokuria we have 100% visibility on our contracts. We never missed a deadline and everything is organized in one place. "

Radion Bratslieau 
AMA Campus 

Modern Contracts Repository

See how Prokuria makes contracts management automated, interactive, collaborative, and simple. As a result, you eliminate error-prone manual work, coordinate purchasing processes, collaborate faster and better with suppliers, and reduce expenses.

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