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Digitize sourcing, streamline supplier selection, and accelerate decisions that delivers direct impact.

84% of Prokuria users launch their first RFQ within a week.

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Supplier Engagement Monitor

Powerful Questionnaires


Internal Collaboration



Smart Alerts & Reminders

Fast & Easy for Suppliers


  • Ensure a fair, predictable, and efficient vendor selection process 

  • Simplify RFX creation, distribution, communication, and review, while making it easier for vendors to respond 

  • Create templates for your items, and use them when filling out RFQs

  • Edit the columns of your items sheet for a customized experience

  • Work with multiple tabs for items for better visibility 

  • Customize and preview what suppliers will see when receiving RFQs with the Supplier View feature

  • Pause/Resume sourcing event 

  • Stop worrying about extending the end date of your RFQ - close your sourcing event at any time with the Event Manually Ended by the user feature


Sealed Bids

  • Ensure a “fair and open competition” with no risk of any influence in the bidding process

  • Stay on top of your sealed bid management and timelines with one centralized dashboard

  • Easily manage each step, from publishing the event to final bids—and everything in between

  • Easily compare bids from suppliers with pinpoint precision

  • Export bids to Excel for a comprehensive overview of awarded bids

  • Easily create customized events

  • Stay in compliance with existing laws governing bidding procedures

Sealed Bid
Sealed Bids

Message Center

  • Easy & real-time messaging with suppliers with instant messaging tools integrated into the software

  • Improve quotation processes - faster responses from suppliers

  • Easy tracking of response status - maintain a record of responses history in one place

  • Instant document sharing - attach and share documents with suppliers to facilitate early supplier involvement in projects

  • Unread messages indicator - don't miss out on important communication

  • Send messages to multiple suppliers with the Bulk Messaging capability

  • Eliminate never-ending email chains

  • Accessible anytime from anywhere there is an internet connection

Message Center
Message Center

Supplier Engagement Monitor

  • Tracks suppliers' performance and engagement in real-time against key requirements

  • Promotes proactive supplier management by identifying potential supplier issues before they turn into problems

  • Get insight into supplier engagement activities ranked by category and supplier type

  • Strengthen your relationships with suppliers by establishing open lines of communication

  • Map your global suppliers and create customized supplier engagement plans

  • Supports your efforts for operational excellence through improved supplier relations

Supplier Engagement Monitor
Supplier Engagement Monitor

Internal Collaboration

  • Comprehensive collaboration features that provide an all-in-one package for internal communication and file sharing

  • Easily share documents within your team without having to rely on third-party tools or services, no installation is required

  • Easy to find and navigate cloud-based file storage accessible by all team members

  • Cross-Functional collaboration to streamline cross-departmental collaboration in your sourcing process

  • Promotes teamwork through internal messaging capabilities 

  • Improve communication and collaboration between coworkers through real-time messaging capabilities

  • Reduce delays resulting due to miscommunication or lack of communication in your team

Internal Collaboration
Internal Collaboration

Smart Alerts & Reminders

  • Allow for effective collaboration between suppliers, buyers, and team members with instant notifications of events that occur within the system

  • Provide accurate information through automated notification tracking

  • Enable your staff to divide their time more effectively by providing them with instant notifications of changes to tasks

  • Ensures information does not get lost in the shuffle of inboxes, email boxes, and voicemails - Never miss an important message anymore

  • Reduce mistakes by ensuring that information is sent to the correct recipient and that conditions are met before doing so

  • Capture critical data for immediate business insight

  • Create smart rules that will trigger specific tasks or notifications based on the type of alert received, whom it was sent to, and the date of the event

Smart Alerts and Notifications
Smart Alerts & Reminders

Powerful Questionnaires

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use single or multiple-choice question

  • Produce easy-to-analyze data and provide mutually exclusive choices

  • Get structured responses that produce clean data for analysis

  • Get better insights with straightforward questions

  • Prevent suppliers from entering incorrect information with pre-determined dropdown single/multiple-choice questions

  • Get better insights into what suppliers can offer based on their description with short/long text questions

  • Collect all the documents you need from suppliers - PDF, PNG, Doc, XLS, or any kind of file

  • Create “intelligent” RFQs with conditioned questions

  • Control the questionnaire flow and display relevant questions

Powerful Questionnaires
Powerful Questionnaires

Audit Logs

  • Real-time visibility over all transactions and access to information.

  • Be always in control. Find out who did what, when, and where

  • Track down any errors that may have been made and correct them, before it is too late

  • Comply with the legal requirements, such as audits and compliance

  • Reduce risks of errors, frauds, security breaches and manage incidents

  • Be sure that the information is available when needed

  • Save time and costs associated with audits, ensuring compliance to regulations or industry standards

  • Detect suspicious behavior and monitor access to important data or transactions

Audit Log
Audit Logs

Fast & Easy for Suppliers

  • Save time with a private secured webpage, where they can reply promptly

  • Improve the quality of your service by identifying suppliers’ best practices

  • Streamline communication throughout the use of message center and smart notifications

  • Fast, easy, and less expensive communication with suppliers

  • Easy to read, understand and reply to messages in their inbox

  • The use of smart notifications will minimize wasted time finding important information or following up

  • No need for unnecessary account set-up and passwords 

  • No need for them to change their business processes and procedures 

  • No training is needed for your suppliers to use the webpage

  • Improves supplier performance by enabling them to receive all information in one place

  • Suppliers can easily share PDF, PNG, Doc, XLS, or any kind of file with you

Supplier Portal
Fast & Easy for Suppliers
Working with Laptop

"Prokuria was easy to implement and use by both our procurement team and our vendors. The software helps us to successfully bring our suppliers online for requests and reverse auctions. "

Mirela Moale
Indirect Procurement Manager,

Scale Sourcing & Deliver Savings

See how Prokuria makes sourcing automated, collaborative, and simple. As a result, you run more events, streamline supplier selection, and accelerate decisions that deliver a direct and quantified impact.

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