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Automate ongoing management of suppliers. Standardize, monitor performance, collaborate - all in one centralized view  

90% of Prokuria users accelerate communication & collaboration with suppliers in the first 3 months 

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Smart Alerts & Reminders





Central Directory

  • Store all supplier information and manage contacts in one place

  • Search box to find any specific supplier

  • Filter any column from the view displayed on the directory

  • Easy customizable view for your needs

  • Easy way to archive the suppliers

  • Bulk action to manage everything fast and easy

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Supplier Onboarding

  • Building a strong and lasting partnership is all about getting to know your suppliers

  • Build supplier onboarding forms in minutes and start gathering all the necessary information from suppliers

  • Expect increased efficiency and lower costs associated with procurement

  • Monitoring potential interactions with potential suppliers increases overall supplier confidence

  • Keep track over information, saving you time and resources

  • Spend less time completing paperwork, entering data and waiting for responses from vendors

supplier onboarding


  • A logical sequence of tasks, including human approvals, to process data

  • Optimize the supply chain with rules and approval flows

  • Automate and combine human actions for a better workflows

  • Help to standardize processes or guidelines and set expectations

  • Save time by utilizing the workflow with the power of automation

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Smart Alerts & Reminders

  • Allow for effective collaboration between suppliers, buyers, and team members with instant notifications of events that occur within the system

  • Provide accurate information through automated notification tracking

  • Enable your staff to divide their time more effectively by providing them with instant notifications of changes to tasks

  • Ensures information does not get lost in the shuffle of inboxes, email boxes, and voicemails - Never miss an important message anymore

  • Reduce mistakes by ensuring that information is sent to the correct recipient and that conditions are met before doing so

  • Capture critical data for immediate business insight

  • Create smart rules that will trigger specific tasks or notifications based on the type of alert received, whom it was sent to, and the date of the event

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  • Alleviate the challenges faced in supply chain visibility

  • Gain more insight into supplier risks, opportunities and profitability

  • Assign a status, segment, and risk level to a Supplier within the Supplier Directory for a better management

  • Identify each supplier based on each segment

  • Ensure appropriate level of attention that is needed for each supplier

  • Customize the segments from your account settings easily

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  • A strategy performance management tool to grow you business

  • Reports of the status, risks, or achievements of the suppliers 

  • Use a powerful framework for building a partnership strategy

  • Measure your suppliers' performance and raise red flags

  • Review with great efficiency the suppliers performance

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"After implementing Prokuria, I understood what are my top performing suppliers and key risks I have to work on. This is the first  procurement tool I see, that it's easy to work with, fast to set-up and uber flexible in the same time."

Dan Hungijard 
Procurement Manager,

Scale Supplier Management 

See how Prokuria makes supplier management automated, collaborative, and simple. As a result, you know better your supply base, streamline supplier selection, and accelerate decisions that deliver a direct and quantified impact.