Supplier Management 
for utmost efficiency

Automate ongoing management of suppliers. Standardize, monitor performance, collaborate - all in one centralized view  

90% of Prokuria users accelerate communication & collaboration with suppliers in the first 3 months 

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Supplier onboarding 

Central directory, approvals, and segmentation

Supplier performance reviews

Digitize supplier management with one easy-to-use platform

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Central Directory

Store all supplier information and manage contracts in one place

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Suppliers Scorecards

Measure your suppliers' performance, run periodic reviews and raise red flags.

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Internal Collaboration

Streamline your work, align stakeholders and empower your team to work together

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Supplier Onboarding

Build supplier onboarding forms in minutes and start gathering all the necessary information from suppliers

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Supplier Segmentation

Supplier segmentation and configurable workflow for changes and updates

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Audit logs

Be always in control. Prokuria captures in the background all changes for all documents.

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Approval Flows

​Optimize supply chain with tailor-made rules and approval flowss 

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Smart Automations

Build automation rules and for changing information about suppliers statuses, categories, risk.

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Smart Alerts & Reminders

Build rules for sending and receiving email notifications

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"After implementing Prokuria, I understood what are my top performing suppliers and key risks I have to work on. This is the first  procurement tool I see, that it's easy to work with, fast to set-up and uber flexible in the same time."

Dan Hungijard 
Procurement Manager,

Scale Supplier Management 

See how Prokuria makes supplier management automated, collaborative, and simple. As a result, you know better your supply base, streamline supplier selection, and accelerate decisions that deliver a direct and quantified impact.