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Eliminate manual work, coordinate purchasing processes, and collaborate with suppliers in a modern, interactive way.

90% of Prokuria users accelerate communication & collaboration with suppliers in the first 3 months 

Wireframe Supplier Management
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Configure your POs from data fields to approval process

Interactive PO and modern way of collaborating with suppliers

Real time tracking, clear status and smart notifications

Digitize purchase orders process with one easy-to-use platform

Glass Buildings

"We were using excel for creating and tracking POs... as you can imagine the entire process was inneficient and time consuming. Prokuria interactive POs and the simplicty of communicating with suppliers reduced hours of manual work and eliminated manual errors. "

Caterina Riotasky 
Agriand Services

Modern Purchase Orders

See how Prokuria makes purchase orders management automated, interactive, collaborative, and simple. As a result, you eliminate error-prone manual work, coordinate purchasing processes, collaborate faster and better with suppliers and reduce expenses.