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Supplier onboarding form and Portal

Supplier Onboarding & Supplier Portal

Supplier onboarding is the process of approving a company as a supplier, allowing your organization to do business, purchase goods and services, and make payments to them.

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Supplier Self-Service Portal

Centralized Supplier Management

Internal Collaboration


Automated Workflows

Friendly Interface

  • Intuitive design for effortless navigation

  • Streamlined purchase request creation

  • User-friendly dashboard for at-a-glance insights

  • Minimal training is required for users

  • Enhanced user satisfaction and productivity

  • Accessible from anywhere, on any device


Centralized Supplier Management

  • Easily manage and update supplier information

  • Centralized repository for supplier details

  • Ensure up-to-date contact and certification data

  • Streamlined supplier onboarding and management

  • Simplify communication with suppliers

  • Boost supplier relationship management

Supplier management

Message Center

  • Real-time messaging with integrated supplier tools

  • Enhance quotation processes - quicker supplier responses

  • Easy tracking of response status 

  • Quickly share documents for early supplier involvement

  • Unread messages indicator

  • Eliminate never-ending email chains

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere with internet

Message Center
Message Center

Supplier Self-Service Portal:

  • Empower suppliers with self-service capabilities

  • Simplify document submission and updates

  • Foster collaboration and transparency

  • Reduced administrative burden for suppliers

  • Real-time visibility into onboarding progress

  • Strengthen supplier relationships through engagement

Supplier Portal
Supplier Self

Internal Collaboration

  • All-in-one collaboration for communication and file sharing

  • Seamlessly share team documents

  • Accessible cloud file storage for all team members

  • Streamline cross-departmental sourcing collaboration

  • Promote teamwork with messaging

  • Real-time messaging improves coworker collaboration

  • Reduce delays from miscommunication

Internal Collaboration
Internal Collaboration

Automated Workflows:

  • Customizable workflows to fit your processes

  • Automated notifications

  • Accelerated decision-making and procurement

  • Reduced manual intervention and errors

  • Increased efficiency in procurement operations

  • Seamlessly handle multi-level approvals

Invitation to fill supplier form
Smart Alerts & Reminders

"Prokuria was easy to implement and use by both our procurement team and our vendors. The software helps us to successfully bring our suppliers online for requests and reverse auctions. "

Mirela Moale
Indirect Procurement Manager,

Optimize Supplier Management

Explore our suite of services designed to transform your supplier relationships. From seamless supplier onboarding and contract management to real-time price monitoring, compliance tracking, and performance evaluation, Prokuria optimizes efficiency and accuracy. Experience the power of centralized data, streamlined processes, and actionable insights. 

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