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Scoring RFQ

Supplier Performance Scorecard

The Supplier Performance Scorecard enables precise supplier evaluation, fostering reliability, quality, and efficiency

Prokuria users report a significant positive change in the quality of their suppliers after only 1 year of tracking. 

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Cooperative Evaluation


Integration Capabilities


Notification Management

Real-time Insights

  • Access live supplier performance data

  • View interactive scorecards

  • Receive critical alerts

  • Ongoing performance evaluation

  • Predict future trends from historical data

  • Benchmark against industry standards

Real time insigts

Custom Criterias

  • Define criteria with weights

  • Assign weights to factors

  • Adjust scoring for priorities

  • Categorize suppliers

  • Configure user dashboards

  • Evaluate across dimensions

Custom criterias
Custom criterias

Performance Tracking

  • Automate calculations of KPIs

  • Receive updates with new data

  • Maintain detailed logs

  • Seamlessly integrate analytics tools

  • Use predictive analytics for trend forecasting

  • Ensure cross-platform accessibility

Performance Tracking
Performance Tracking

Cooperative Evaluation

  • Collaboratively align performance goals.

  • Conduct systematic performance reviews.

  • Provide transparent access to performance data

  • Upload new versions

  • Streamline interaction in the dedicated portal

  • Ensure user-friendly compliance

  • Collaborate with additional docs

Supplier Portal
Cooperativ evaluation

Integration Capabilities

  • Minimize data discrepancies and errors

  • Compatibility with popular ERP systems

  • Smooth and streamlined user experience

  • Reduce manual intervention

  • Intuitive interface for easy navigation

  • Enhance scalability and accessibility

Integration Capabilities

Notification Management

  • Set custom notification triggers

  • Enable role-based notifications

  • Define performance issue protocols

  • Choose the notification frequency

  • Send performance alerts via email

Notification flow

Digitize purchase orders process with one easy-to-use platform

"We were using excel for creating and tracking POs... as you can imagine the entire process was inneficient and time consuming. Prokuria interactive POs and the simplicty of communicating with suppliers reduced hours of manual work and eliminated manual errors. "

Caterina Riotasky 
Agriand Services

Optimize Supplier Management

Explore our suite of services designed to transform your supplier relationships. From seamless supplier onboarding and contract management to real-time price monitoring, compliance tracking, and performance evaluation, Prokuria optimizes efficiency and accuracy. Experience the power of centralized data, streamlined processes, and actionable insights. 

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