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PO Software: 4 Revision and Upload Features Explained

revision and upload

Table of contents:

PO revision and upload

PO revision and upload are important features in a Purchase Order software. The PO revision may be defined as the details of a product ordered by a customer, receiving information from the client. The upload part is to assign the PO revision to the respective document. Thus, it becomes easy for an organization to manage its business transactions on a real-time basis.

Implementation of PO revision and upload in the system helps to get the following benefits:

  • Provides an easy way to manage all business transactions in a real-time manner, avoiding any paperwork.

  • Organization can track their transactions with different customers more efficiently by saving time. Additionally, this process reduces errors that occur during manual data entry into the storage.

  • Easy to monitor stock levels by the management with real-time information about sales and purchases, reduce risk of running out of product inventory. This can also help to boost up the company's financial status.

The technical advancements of business processes and improved protocols have reduced the costs and errors for organizations thereby leaving them with more resources at their disposal to focus on their core competencies and long-term value proposition. Thus, location and time become irrelevant for instant business transactions across the supply chain.

Let's have a look at the 4 revision and upload features used in PO software:

1. Purchase Order Revision

Purchase Order Revision is a feature in PO software that can help you solve issues of wrongly placed purchase orders. It also provides a solution for cases when the item is out of stock.

The way Purchase Order Revision works depends on company setup configuration settings. For example, you can set the number of days after placing an order or receiving goods, at which point you will get a notification to revise the purchase order. The Purchase Order Revision window will open, and you can enter new quantities for the items that are out of stock.

When an order is placed, there is always a possibility that the wrong item was ordered or that the quantity was not accurate. In these cases, Purchase Order Revision can help by providing an easy way to change the order. The Revision window will open automatically, and you can make the necessary changes. This can help save time and ensure that all orders are accurate.

Purchase Order Revision is also helpful when goods are received but are not the correct quantity or type. For example, if a purchase order is for 10 items, but only 5 are received, the Revision window can be used to change the quantity to 5. This will ensure that the order is corrected and the right items are delivered.

Purchase Order Revision is a very helpful feature that can save time and ensure accuracy in orders. It is important to understand how it works and how to use it properly in different scenarios.

2. Upload Invoice to PO capability

Upload Invoice to PO capability is a feature in Purchasing Order software that allows you to upload invoices to a PO from your accounting system.

Professional purchasing organizations, especially those that handle a high volume of invoices regularly, can benefit greatly from the Upload Invoice to PO capability in PO software. This feature allows you to quickly and easily match up invoices with purchase orders, which can speed up the entire payment process.

Matching up invoices with purchase orders can be a time-consuming process, but it's a necessary step in making sure that payments are made correctly and on time. With the Upload Invoice to PO capability, you can automate this process and save yourself some valuable time.

In addition to speeding up the payment process, the Upload Invoice to PO capability can also help you to catch mistakes sooner. By matching up invoices with purchase orders, you can catch errors and discrepancies that may have been missed if the invoices were handled separately from the purchase orders.

The Upload Invoice to PO capability can also help you to improve your purchasing process overall. When purchase orders and invoices are matched up correctly, it can be easier to track spending and to identify areas where you may be able to save money.


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3. Upload Receipt of Goods to PO capability

Upload Receipt of Goods to PO capability in a PO software is a feature that allows businesses to upload receipts of goods purchased against Purchase Orders. This helps ensure that the correct inventory is tracked and also eliminates the need to match invoices to purchase orders.

The Upload Receipt of Goods to PO capability is typically used by businesses that buy items in large quantities or have a high number of purchase orders. This capability can help speed up the process of receiving goods and reconciling invoices.

When using the Upload Receipt of Goods to PO capability, businesses should ensure that the receipt is accurately matched to the corresponding purchase order. This can be done by including information like the purchase order number, item description, quantity, and price on the receipt.

This functionality is very important because it provides an easy way to track orders and shipments by PO. Most businesses find it difficult to provide shipment tracking information without this functionality. Also helps in order management and inventory management.

4. Catalog and Punchout capabilities

A punchout catalog (or punch-out catalog) is an e-procurement solution that allows a customer to access the supplier's catalog from the vendor's website. To put it another way, a consumer "punches out" a procurement application to the origin site, gains access to the supplier's inventory, and may add items to his.

PunchOut capabilities are an excellent (or supplementary) alternative to maintaining guided buying catalog knowledge for big or rapidly evolving catalogs since they cut down purchasing maintenance time while still allowing purchases to be seen and controlled. Punchout catalogs can be used in conjunction with a guided buying experience, such as the price book solution.

There are two ways to use punchouts: either using a pre-defined device ID or by directing the user to a specific URL that will automatically log them into an existing site and then send them into that company's record by punching out from the website. The first method uses an ID device to create a direct connection between the supplier's catalog and procurement application, while the second makes use of a URL. In either case, the consumer enters their own login info – not access info for a buying site – which encourages single sign-on.

The punchout functionality will typically allow suppliers to create a replica of their site in the supplier portal, permitting consumers to log in with their usual credentials used on the origin site. The customer can add items to their shopping cart on the supplier's site, and when they are finished, they can either checkout through the supplier's site or return to the buying site.

Why Prokuria is the best PO software for your business?

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