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PO Software: 5 White-labeling features explained

white labeling

Table of contents:

What is white-labeling?

The term "white-label" comes from the manufacture of products. Companies that are involved in creating anything from milk cartons to pharmaceuticals often have their own brand names on their products, but they also sell these same items without their brand name to other companies. This allows other companies to resell them under their own brand names without having to manufacture the items themselves.

When it comes to software, white-labeling is simply taking a piece of software that you are licensed to use and customize for your brand, placing your name on the user interface (UI), and changing any logos, colors, and images that may be generated by the software if it is not customized already.

It's important to note that just because you can customize a piece of software and place your name on it does NOT mean you own it. You still have to abide by the licensing terms for both the base software and any customizations that you make.

White-labeling features in PO software

Many companies use PO software for a variety of reasons, ranging from suppliers to distributors and manufacturers. In order to make their mark on the process, white-labeling is one way that they can customize their software to look specific to both them and their brands. Here are a few of the most common forms of white-labeling that you can find in PO software.

One advantage to white-labeling a piece of software is that you can reskin the UI with your company's branding, thus creating a product that people will associate more closely with your brand. This means that you do not have to build your own applications or rely solely on white-labeled apps.

Some benefits of using PO software that is already available and has white-labeling features include:

  1. Reduced cost: some software are built to scale and can handle large amounts of simultaneous users. Because they are already built, you can avoid having to hire developers or engineers who will have to create something new from scratch.

  2. Time savings: because the product is available now, you don't have to wait for months or years.

  3. A better idea of what type of features your software needs: using a type of software that you like and is already available, will give you an idea of what type of functions and features your PO software should include.

  4. Customization: the main benefit of white-labeling is to customize existing products with branding according to the needs of your company.

  5. Easier updating and maintenance will likely be required less often than with custom-built applications.

  6. Cost savings - this is especially true if you are using white-labeled apps instead of building an app from scratch.

  7. Reduced risk - if you are able to find an app that is already what your company needs, then you won't need to hire developers or engineers who will have to create something new from scratch.

Even if you have never considered white-labeling before, it might be worth considering the benefits listed above.

Depending on the type of PO software, a variety of features can be either white-labeled or customized. Let's take a look at some of the most important ones:



1. Use your own domain

Using your domain is a white label feature that allows you to use your domain name as the brand for the software being hosted by the service provider.

Many customers have asked for this feature because the software they are using is more of a complement to their current business rather than being an integral part. Instead of sending prospects, suppliers, or customers to a service, you'll be able to send them directly to your website which can help strengthen customer loyalty and develop credibility.

Using your domain with white labeling in PO software is a great way to present your company with a more professional image. It can also help build trust with customers and partners.

A custom domain name gives your company an air of professionalism and legitimacy. When potential customers see your website, they will know that you are not some fly-by-night operation. Your custom domain name lets potential customers know that you are serious about what you do.

2. Brand the PO with your logo

Branding the PO with your logo is a white label feature that enables you to brand the purchase order (PO) with your company logo. The “branding” of the PO with your company logo gives an authentic look that customers can see before they purchase or implement the product. This is important because it acts as a comforting aspect for customers who are hesitant about a new product that they may not know much about.

The branding part of the POs is usually located at the top right or left corner of the purchase order, and it is usually a small image that is easy to overlook. However, this branding sends a clear message to customers and suppliers that the PO is trusted and verified by your company.

There are many benefits to branding the PO with your logo. For starters, it builds trust and credibility for your company. It can also help increase sales, as customers are more likely to purchase a product that is branded by a trusted company. Additionally, it can help improve communication with customers and suppliers.

By branding the PO with your logo, you are providing them with important information about your company that they can use to make better business decisions.

Branding the PO is also fairly simple when it comes to implementation. There are many different software providers for this service, and they all offer their features in terms of how you can brand the PO with your logo. You must find a provider who offers this product because it will make your life much easier when trying to build an image.

3. Use your own email address for sending alerts and notifications especially to suppliers

Using your email address for sending alerts and notifications is a white label feature that many software companies either provide or are considering. Using your email address for sending alerts and notifications is a nice way to personalize notifications from your PO software. It does not take much effort to set up and it is a nice touch for your users when they see an email notification that came from you, not just the company offering the software.

Using your email address for sending alerts and notifications especially to suppliers in PO software is beneficial because it allows you to have greater control over the notifications you send, and it also allows you to easily manage all of your supplier communications in one place. Additionally, using your email address for sending alerts and notifications can help to improve your supplier relationships by ensuring that communication is timely and accurate.

Overall, using your email address for sending alerts and notifications can help to improve your efficiency and organization when working with suppliers. Additionally, it can help to strengthen your relationships with your suppliers as you will be able to easily and consistently provide them with information.

4. Use your accent color

Using the accent color as a feature of White Label Software is a very underused method of creating brand identity. Using accent colors to brand PO Software can be very effective when used correctly. It’s important to make sure that the rest of your brand identity (company logo, display text, and such) complements reinforces what you are trying to get across with your accent color branding.

Some benefits of using an accent color in your PO Software include:

  1. Creating a visual hierarchy: When used correctly, an accent color can help to create a visual hierarchy on the page. This is done by using a specific color to draw attention to specific elements, such as headings or buttons.

  2. Establishing brand recognition: A consistent use of an accent color can help to establish brand recognition for your company.

  3. Providing a contrast: Accent colors can be used to provide a much-needed contrast on a page that is otherwise filled with neutral colors. This can help to make specific elements stand out more and be easier to read.

When choosing an accent color for your PO Software, it’s important to consider the rest of your brand identity. Colors can be very powerful in terms of branding, so it’s important to make sure that those colors are reinforcing what you’re trying to communicate with your PO Software. A simple mistake can involve choosing a very bright and distracting color for something as mundane as a button or text field, so it’s important to carefully consider the effects of each color before applying them to your PO Software.

5. Change UI labels, buttons names, text or email body, and subject

Changing UI labels, buttons names, text or email body, and subject as a white label feature is a common request from software product developer’s consumers.

From a consumer point of view, each company is very different from its competitors in terms of the technological stack used on their website or desktop application. Many companies have special characters that they do not want to be displayed on the software interface and some even use custom encoding for non-Latin languages such as Chinese.

To provide the best usability results it is needed to be able to configure text labels, buttons, menu items names, and the UI body content the way they want it before deploying the software.

Some PO software offer changing UI labels, buttons names, text or email body, and subject as part of their service offering. The cost per product change depends on how hard it is to implement and if they need to re-write or just search and replace text.

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