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Why and how to send an RFQ/RFP introductory email to your suppliers

The first step in the right direction is crafting a well-thought out introductory email.

Table of contents


1. Why, When and What you should send a Introductory email to your suppliers to invite them in an RFQ

Why to Send

It's important to remember that while you are comfortable doing RFQs, and you are using a simple platform like Prokuria, for your suppliers, there might be some initial friction. And very often you might end up with questions like: Why can't I just send you an email? How do I get all the details? What if I need clarifications?

One of the best ways to help your suppliers feel comfortable, is by answering these questions up front through sending a quick introduction email.

When to Send

The exact timing depends on the complexity of the buy, the relationship with the supply base, and strategic importance of your Project, but one week ahead of the RFx is a good rule of thumb.

What to Say

The goal is to promote vendor engagement, so it’s important to think through what will motivate your suppliers. In most of the case it can be reduced to:

  1. The opportunity presented in front of them. Here you can mention the potential gain: like potential size of deal, potential for partnership, possible innovations.

  2. Simplify the process. - No matter how straightforward your questions, or how simple the RFQ might be, people are always resisting to change. Try to help them get over the initial feelings and build trust and confidence. Usually this means: explaining the full proces, next steps, criteria, timeline, etc.; be very open and transparent about what you need; always let them know how to get help and get in contact.


2. How to send an introductory email with Prokuria

Prokuria makes it really easy for you to send an introductory email to your suppliers, this can be done even before publishing the RFQ/RFP. This way they will now what to expect when the official invitation email actually will hit their inbox.

1. Add Suppliers to your Event

The simple process of adding a supplier in an RFQ/RFP.

2. Click "Send email"

Prokuria Supplier Invitation feature which can be used in an event

3. Craft your message and click send

You should always be sending a short, personal introduction email when issuing your RFPs or RFQs.

While this may seem like a simple idea, this one email can really have a big role in making sure that your suppliers are comfortable and therefore your event is a success.


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