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Boost internal collaboration with Prokuria

One of the essential departments of a company, procurement, is the last one to benefit from digital transformation. Working in Excel or emails might result in losing important information, operational mistakes and exposure to fraud.

Do you know in your company, what happens with all the communication and negotiation with suppliers, the collaboration between colleagues and stakeholders in order to deliver the expected results?

Prokuria is all about encouraging team collaboration to get the best results. Therefore we've built in a number of ways you can boost collaboration inside your team, alignment with stakeholders, or with other departments.

Here is how Prokuria can help you :

Saving documents and attachments to any entity

You can keep all important information in one place, not just any place, but directly where your team needs it the most and is intuitively going to look for it.

Internal comments in conversations

Loop in any stakeholders (internal or external) by mentioning them via @ symbol. This is particularly useful for drawing someone's attention to a page or comment or for assigning a task to them. When you mention another user, they'll receive a notification by email.

Linking any page to other pages

Your colleagues can navigate seamlessly through your sourcing projects. From requisition to RFQ and then to Contract.

Tasks and reminders

From now you will never miss a deadline, milestone, or any important date. 

How you can boost internal collaboration and get the most out of it.


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