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Financial Analyst

Boosting operational efficiency
with Prokuria


DPG Finance Group

Like the entire financial service sector, GDP Finance Group has been impacted by the rapid changes of the past years.


All finance institutions today need to adhere to heightened scrutiny measures in terms of data security and regulatory compliance, aside from the increasing pressures of heightened competition and volatile business environments.

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DPG Finance Group  was set up in 2010, with one real business goal – to help businesses strive globally



Financial Institutions


Germany, Luxembourg




Main results

54% increased efficiency in sourcing suppliers through Dutch Auctions, RFQs and RFIs

Significant increased internal collaboration and alignment with stakeholders from other departments

78% improved contract compliance, across top 100 suppliers used regionally


Ron Maier

Head of Procurement 

“In today’s business landscape, we can no longer afford to not take advantage of what technology has to offer.”

Together with Prokuria, DPG Finance Group aimed at streamlining and centralizing its processes, increasing their agility, and better interacting with their third-party suppliers. We we looking to achieve significant business process efficiency, increase our visibility into spend data and the sourcing component of the procure-to-pay process.  

Alongside Prokuria, we were able to:

  • Complete supplier and contract visibility across the entire organization

  • Proven data management techniques and standardization

  • Innovative, best-in-class software and services to keep up with new trends and boost operational efficiencies

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We know each company is different. That's why in Prokuria you can set up your sourcing and supplier management process exactly the way you need it. No code, no IT consultants, no tech skills required! You will be up and running in no time, and at a fraction of cost vs. other solutions.

Example of RFQ for gluten & lactose products, best practice for Retail Chains industry
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