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Centralize Your Certifications with Ease

Streamline your certification repository while securely storing them online. With intelligent notifications, you'll stay on top of expiration dates, guaranteeing you never miss a certification deadline again.

On average, Prokuria users cut in half the time required for verifying and updating certifications for a new or existing supplier. 

See how it works in 30 minutes

Trusted globally by sourcing specialists





Search and Filter


Integration Capabilities

Centralized Storage

  • Organize certifications efficiently

  • Navigate with user-friendly features

  • Retrieve documents quickly

  • Upload in bulk for efficiency

  • Categorize intuitively

  • Ensure easy accessibility

Certification storage
Centralized Storage

Supplier Portal

  • Share certifications seamlessly

  • Upload new versions directly 

  • Suppliers view real-time status

  • Collaborate with additional docs

  • Streamline interaction in the dedicated portal

  • Ensure user-friendly compliance

Supplier Portal
Supplier portal

User Permissions

  • Assign role-based access

  • Control overview and edit rights

  • Customize security levels

  • Configure at the document level

  • Apply granular folder-level permissions

  • Provide temporary audit access

User permissions
User Permissions

Expiry Notifications

  • Set expiration reminders

  • Send renewal notifications

  • Prevent outdated certifications

  • Customize notification frequency

  • Allow grace periods for renewals

  • Integrate calendar notifications


Search and Filter Functionality

  • Offer powerful search options

  • Provide quick access filters

  • Save custom search filters

  • Support advanced search syntax

  • Preview search results efficiently

  • Enhance search functionality

Search and Filter
Search and filter

Integration Capabilities

  • Integrate seamlessly with Prokuria

  • Connect with third-party systems

  • Streamline cross-functional workflows

  • Support external tools with API

  • Synchronize data in real-time

  • Document comprehensive integration


Digitize purchase orders process with one easy-to-use platform

"We were using excel for creating and tracking POs... as you can imagine the entire process was inneficient and time consuming. Prokuria interactive POs and the simplicty of communicating with suppliers reduced hours of manual work and eliminated manual errors. "

Caterina Riotasky 
Agriand Services

Modern Purchase Orders

See how Prokuria makes purchase orders management automated, interactive, collaborative, and simple. As a result, you eliminate error-prone manual work, coordinate purchasing processes, collaborate faster and better with suppliers and reduce expenses.

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