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Purchase request

Efficient Purchase Requests

Eliminate manual work, coordinate purchasing processes, and collaborate with suppliers in a modern, interactive way.

90% of Prokuria users accelerate communication & collaboration with suppliers in the first 3 months 

See how it works in 30 minutes

Trusted globally by sourcing specialists


User-Friendly Experience

PR to PO


Compliance and Transparency



User-Friendly Experience

  • Intuitive navigation for all users

  • Submit requests seamlessly from any device

  • Customize request forms to fit your unique needs

  • Improve user satisfaction and adoption

  • Enhance accessibility with a user-centric design

  • Reduce training time and increase productivity


Efficient Approvals

  • Streamline approval processes for faster decision-making

  • Handle complex approvals with multi-level workflows

  • Stay informed with real-time automated notifications

  • Increase efficiency in procurement operations

  • Eliminate bottlenecks

  • Ensure approvals align with organizational policies

Approval flow purchase request
Approval Workflow

Catalog Collaboration

  • Access the company's internal catalog for informed purchasing decisions

  • Easily attach and share essential documents for clarity

  • Streamline interactions for smoother procurement within the organization.

  • Enhance collaboration through communication tools

  • Simplify product selection with integrated internal catalogs

  • Foster transparency in company operations

Item catalog

Auto PR to PO

  • Automatic Purchase Order creation

  • Instantly convert Requests into Orders

  • Manual or automatic supplier sending

  • PO direct file attachments 

  • Interactive PO to streamline communication with suppliers 

Purchase Order bun.png
Purchase order

Compliance and Transparency

  • Keep a comprehensive audit trail for transparency and accountability

  • Ensure all requests align with company policies and regulations

  • Simplify compliance checks for procurement processes

  • Facilitate regulatory compliance with automated checks

  • Enhance transparency in procurement operations

Overview for PRs

Budget Monitoring

  • Budgets on locations, departments, or any custom fields

  • Automatic budget limits

  • Complete and intuitive reports

  • Real-time budget control with progress bar

  • Easy upload and adjustment throughout the year

Budget Management bun.png

Digitize purchase orders process with one easy-to-use platform

"We were using excel for creating and tracking POs... as you can imagine the entire process was inneficient and time consuming. Prokuria interactive POs and the simplicty of communicating with suppliers reduced hours of manual work and eliminated manual errors. "

Caterina Riotasky 
Agriand Services

Streamline Procurement Workflow

Explore Prokuria's array of services, covering Purchase Orders, Requests, Approval Flows, Delivery Notes, Goods Received Notes, and Invoice Repository. Experience seamless processes, faster approvals, and centralized documentation. Elevate your procurement efficiency.

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