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Triada Software Ltd.

Improve your coordination with partners with Prokuria

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Want to find more on how Prokuria can help with faster and optimal supplier selection


Triada Software offers test solutions for agile teams, test case management tools, performance testing software & automated functional tests.


Tech Companies


Tech Companies


Over 500 employees

Main Results 

67% improved contract compliance

Great improvement in coordination with partners and suppliers

Faster supplier selection

Jason Mills

Jason Mills


“I think that in large part, our vendors and suppliers are satisfied with moving to this automated process rather than relying on time-consuming phone calls, emails, and spreadsheets.


Procurement in the tech industry needs to strike a balance between cost savings and meeting organizational needs. Triada Software was having difficulties in trying to achieve that balance, as well as having difficulty in staying ahead of the competition.

They chose Prokuria in order to help them forge closer relationships with their key vendors, improve internal procurement processes, and get away from constant phone calls, emails, and spreadsheets by utilizing a user-friendly platform capable of centralizing their supplier and other procurement data into one place.


With an easy, fast, and seamless implementation that took only a couple of weeks, instead of several months, Triada Software was able to immediately improve its processes and boost its supplier management through supplier scorecards and segmentation, smart automations, and intuitive alerts and reminders that ensure no critical processes slip through the cracks. Similarly, Triada Software also improved its collaboration and relationship with key suppliers.

With Prokuria, was simple for us to:
Improve the contract compliance
Incredible enhancement in coordination with partners and suppliers
Save time on supplier selection
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We know each company is different. 

That's why in Prokuria you can set up your process exactly the way you need it.

No code, no IT consultants, no tech skills required! You will be up and running in no time, and at a fraction of cost vs. other solutions.

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